maniglie plastica

Handles for cardboard and packaging

Plasticitt began producing plastic handles for cardboard in 2 different models: C130 and C140 available in different colors upon request and always available in the classic colours: white, neutral, blue, red and black. They can be used for packaging of various sizes and weight.

We also produce backplates for handles, available separately from the handles, and suitable for every kind of plastic handle. Useful to increase the strength of large or heavy packages.

manigliette maniglie confezioni shopper

Ribbon handles in gros-grain and cotton

The ribbon handles with plastic ends, today are produced in two new materials: the gros-grain and cotton.

These fabrics give a further touch of elegance and innovation to all packages that will use this type of handles, available in measures of length from 10 cm to 60 cm.

Manigliette Materiali Assortiti

Ribbon handles 18 mm

We recently joined to the historical 9 mm width ribbon handles a new production of ribbon 18 mm widths. Their use is ideal in both packages and bags and shoppers.

The 18mm handle is available in lengths from 10 cm to 60 cm. They are produced in all colors of STANDARD and SATIN fabrics.